Monday, February 16, 2015

Vera's Been Playing Up..

Haven't been able to get her going - ooh, er misses. I normally give her a spin once a week but after the sub-zero temperatures a couple of weeks ago she wouldn't go when I tried. Charging the battery didn't help. Still no joy so I decided to wait till this week and warmer temperatures. After a full charge she was still in a strop and wouldn't start. She cranked - slowly - but just wouldn't fire. Grrrrhhhhh.

Finally, the penny dropped... Why not use my car, parked not two feet away, to jump start her? So, car running, I linked the batteries with my bad boy jump leads - never quite sure which connection to make last - and cranked it....

Slow, barely better than when trying under the steam of her own battery, she stubbornly refused to fire but with the infinite - okay, not quite infinite but certainly many hours of power from the Kia C apostrophe eed - I tried again. And again. And with each attempt the cranking seemed stronger. Was that almost ignition? Again. Again. Fire godammit, fire. Again. Again... and finally the sweet purr of the engine as it lurched into life - sssh, don't mention the clouds of dark grey smoke hanging over Longhope! Thank f#(% for that. I was really beginning to think my plans for a trip away at the end of the month were in doubt.

Anyway, with the engine singing I took her for a twenty minute drive to shake out the cobwebs. When I got back, I switched off and left for half an hour to see how she would start - neigh, if she would start again.... Bang, first time. Almost instantly - so I went for another twenty minutes - just to make sure those cobwebs were well and truly blown away.

Hands up, I'm no mechanic but I wish I knew what the cold snap did to poor Vera. Mental note for the future, when it gets cold step up the weekly start to a daily one. Second, mental note, next time - if there is a next time - which I'm pretty sure there will be knowing me - remember I have a car which can be used to jump start....

Anyway, here endeth tonight's inane ramblings..... until the next time.....

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