Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Horton To Hawkesbury And Back Again

And back again and back again. It's fair to say I had a little modem trouble this afternoon. It's also lucky that said locations are only three miles apart. Even so, after the third time of driving down the bumpy track, opening the gate, closing the gate, unsetting the alarm system, setting the alarm system, opening the gate, closing the gate - you get the picture - it gets a little wearing. Fortunately I got it sorted in the end but by then I was both hot and bothered. Grrrh.

Didn't managed to stir up the enthusiasm for a run tonight which is a shame because it was nice out. I make no excuse. I let lethargy beat me. Hopefully I will feel more up and at 'em tomorrow and with luck Martin and I can get out for the lunch run.

Been further pursuing bikes this evening. Minefield doesn't come close...