Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Conversion Principle...

I have been busy this weekend. Busy with the carpentry tools... Yes, the mini-camper conversion is complete. Fully modular, so it can be removed completely in a couple of minutes. And it was the ultimate recycling project as I was able to re-use only parts from the old van. Okay, I guess wasn't exactly ultimate but it was good make use of what I already had.

I do have to make up some blackout blinds before I'll actually be able going camping proper and I also have the cooker module to construct. I've a few design concepts bubbling around in outline design but nothing concrete to take forward to detail design yet... So I retract my earlier statement that it's complete but the main bit is done at least.

And here's some pics...
Boot module, rear seats in normal position

Boot module, rear seats out and font seat down

Bed section in position

The finished mini-camper

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