Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Falling apart

So, I made it to the track but I really wasn't ready. My legs felt OK - but then we began...

Jerry was there with Kokob and her brother but they were running a different session to us likely lads - that's Rick and Sean, since slightly unlikely. Anyway, Rick and I ran 300's to pace Sean round 1800m. That meant we ran the 300m with a 100m jog back down the track to meet up with Sean as he continued his laps. We aimed for 54s so that Sean was hitting 72s for each lap but he struggled in the cold and damp - and it was right bloomin' damp and flipping cold and he slipped out a few seconds.

After the 1800m - where I'd run three 300's - the groin, the hamstrings and - well, just about every other part of my body - gave out. It would have been fool hardy to continue so I picked up my kit, bid Rick and Sean farewell and headed off into the distance...

... ready to attack it next week. Guess these old bones of mine aren't what they once were - or mayhap it's the fact that I'm doing sod all training.

Thought for the day: Sticks and stones may hurt my bones - but running will bloody kill me!

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